Wolfe Non Surgical Deep Tissue Body Work

Pain is usually a symptom of scarring, calcification, and crystallization in your tissues, resulting in energy blocks. These blocks starve your tissues of blood flow, lymph flow, and electrical energy flow., undermining your body’s immune system and impeding the body’s ability to heal.

Wolfe Non-Surgical is a first step! Deep tissue body work that gently pulls the fibers apart because these physical blocks have the consistency of “beef jerky” , dehydrated contracted tissue ( knots, corded muscles, lipomas, arthritic joints, etc.)

As the fibers pull apart lymph, blood, and energy flow increases along with the temperature in and around the area. This increase flow and temperature dissolves the crystallization and transforms the fibrous scar tissue back to healthy connective tissue thus restoring the ligament, tendons, muscles, organs, and joints back to their original healthy state.

Whether we are talking about a back, a knee, a hip, or injuries that never quite healed its all the same ……ISSUES IN YOUR TISSUES Energy blocks are the disease. 

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