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Water Roots Day Spa

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Water Roots Day Spa

Helping Clients Feel Relaxed & Refreshed

Born from a vision of serenity in 2011, Water Roots Day Spa stands as a sanctuary where tranquillity blossoms. We offer a restorative retreat from the modern world’s clamour, setting the stage for balance and well-being. Our meticulously crafted treatments kindle a sense of harmony, nourishing your mind and body for holistic rejuvenation.

We infuse each treatment with her artisanal touch. Harnessing nature’s bounty with a handcrafted unique line of skin care products – from invigorating scrubs to soothing butters and oils, all steeped in organic goodness. Each treatment is more than a session; it’s a personalized journey toward serenity, imbued with the essence of pure, natural ingredients.

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